Green and Natural Building   

We serve clients who desire finely crafted structures that are healthy, comfortable, and harmonious with their specific site and needs.

The primary focus of our custom built homes is on the sustainability of the resources and methods that go into the structure.   Our commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in our enthusiasm and our embrace of the green building movement and it is reflected in every home that we build.  Our passion for ecological building solutions is matched by a high standard of craftsmanship and structural integrity as well as a concentration on building performance and energy efficiency.  

We determine the sustainability of a building not only by the environmental impact of the materials that goes into it and the energy that it consumes, but also in how a building affects the natural environment around it.  

Integrating the design of our projects with the natural environment, our intention is having the lowest impact to a site as possible.  We consider how to minimize the impact of the building process as well as the continual impact that a structure has on its surroundings.  Through careful assessment of on-site resources and the impact that a site has on a building and its inhabitants, we successfully integrate environment and home.