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Working with nature, our skilled professionals create productive and low maintenance landscapes that mirror and enhance the vital beauty and abundance of nature.  We start by assessing the unique characteristics of your land and home as it interacts with the elements, to create a design that is in harmony with your particular site and needs.  Utilizing the methods of permaculture and natural design leads to a landscape that conserves energy and has more functions than traditionally thought possible.  Appropriate selection and placement of plantings and elements in the landscape can moderate temperatures in and around your home, attract or deter wildlife and create habitat for beneficial insects, while producing food, medicine, and many other benefits.  Using native and locally produced materials our installations are performed efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.  Contact us to schedule your consultation now! 

   503 Old Farm Lane
Marshall, NC 28753
  • traditional stone masonry
  • low maintenance native
  • edible and ornamental plantings
  • orchards and kitchen gardens
  • ponds and water features
  • Japanese and fengshui gardens
  • Rustic fences, gates, trellis and arbors
  • Forest gardens
  • sustainable forestry planning
  • Roads, parking, trails and grading
  • Ecological restoration
  • Residential and commercial site planning
  • Permaculture design
  •  and more, just ask.