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Land Use Planning and Consultation

Whether you are purchasing property, building a home, creating a landscape, or building a new development, careful forethought and appropriate design saves time, money, and the environment. 
Our approach to land-use consultation and project planning is deeply founded in the concepts of Permaculture design.  Permaculture design begins with site and project specific resource analysis and achieves environmental conservation through creative problem solving, and highly interactive land planning.  Permaculture designs cooperate with natural processes in order to yield the most from an integrated site and plan while protecting natural amenities.
We offer many levels of planning and consultation services from initial project feedback and basic site assessments all the way through to detailed site analysis and project master planning.

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Marshall, NC 28753

Services offered

  • Site assessments
  • Project planning
  • Design development
These services include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Site selection: Early identification of a site's significant opportunities and constraints in relationship to project goals can dramatically impact the cost and success of a plan.
  2. Project programming: developing a sound program of intended uses of a site and how each function will relate to the other while integrating on-site resources and constraints.
  3. Site inventory and analysis:  Collecting and mapping data relevant to the physical, biological, and cultural attributes of a site as well as to the intended uses within a project plan.  These attributes can include:

               Climate such as solar access and wind patterns
                Topography such as elevation and directional aspect
                Hydrology such as water patterns and drainage and erosion issues
                Vegetation and wildlife surveys
                Utility infrastructure
                Land use regulations
                Historical land use  

  1. Site assessment and concept planning: determining land use suitability and the harmonious integration of a project plan.
  2. Developing master plans for site development: Detailed and descriptive project planning including the mapping of site resources and constraints as well as the mapping of any site improvements to be made.  The master plan would navigate all aspects of site development and guide successful implementation of a plan.